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We are learning how to go back to the GREEN earth

Reduction of air conditioning energy by CONTINEWM®
= CO2 reduction = Creation of Gemütlich(cozy) space

Problems such as to prevent global warming and energy-saving measures are now a serious problem that can not be avoided . However, the energy conservation measures to protect the global environment and the adoption of renewable energy take a great deal of cost and time, so it is difficult for everyone to easily execute.

Therefore, we propose CONTINEWM which is simple, has less burden at the time of installation and has a reliable air conditioning energy saving effect.
That way,"Energy -saving" around us will lead to social contribution as it is.

Benefit to use CONTINEWM®

Low COST and Easy Installation
There is no need of the construction.
It can be installed while the air conditioner is running.
It is easy for the first time.
No break, no maintenance required
Improvements have been repeated in order to make it lighter and flexible as performance improves.
Resistant to ultraviolet rays and heat, maintenance is unnecessary after installation. No running cost is required.
Energy saving =CO2 reduction
Just by installing to air conditioner in operation, it reduces the electricity(gas) bill . Contributing to"reduction of carbon dioxide emission" without using any power such as electricity.


Patented for "Reticular resin molded product" that enhances the heat exchange efficiency of air conditioners. Beware of imitations.
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