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For over 10 years, we have supported "creating a comfortable environment (antioxidant environment)" using special ceramics.

In order to create a comfortable space, when building or rebuilding stores and houses, we have mixed special ceramic with binder or paint. And we have painted on floor, wall, ceiling. After a while, I heard unexpected voices from here and there such as "After painting the ceramic, the electricity bill became cheaper.

Because it was aimed at creating a comfortable (Gemütlich) space, "energy saving effect" was a unexpected discovery .
However, even for the purpose of energy saving, it is necessary to paint the ceramics on the floor, the wall, the ceiling, and it will be a big work.

Is there a way to make it easier?
One day, I got an idea inspired to use the air of the air conditioner.
If the indoor air is forcibly changed by using air conditioner, we can obtain similar energy saving effect .... After conducting various experiments and trials, I invented Cell Fresh Net in 2012 and developed of improved performance of CONTINEWM in April 2016 .

Now, CONTINEWM has been evaluated as the "ultimate analog energy-saving product" in the present.

President Ryuji Sakai

Company Profile

Company Name CONTINEWM Co.,Ltd.
President Ryuji Sakai
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Established May 30 2003
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