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Aiming to create a Gemütlich environment

Finding this word “Gemütlich”, the significance of the work of environmental improvement I have been working over ten years has become clearer. Gemütlich is a German word means like "It is so pleasant as to say nothing." There seems to be a proverb saying that "Organization is half of life" in Germany. We can guess how Germans cherish comfort and relaxing in everyday life.
Since we create "cozy environment" by changing the air and water (restore to original form), we do not do it exaggeratedly.

When CONTINEWM® invented by me is installed to the air conditioner, we can automatically obtain "cozy environment" at the same time as energy saving. When a person feels relaxed and feels comfortable, the body temperature rises. It is said that if we keep our body temperature at 36.5 ℃ we will improve immunity.
By spreading this way that anyone can work out right away and easily, I would like to create an environment that not only energy saving but also Gemütlich and lively life together with associates all over the world.

President Ryuji Sakai
Reduce power consumption
CONTINEWM does not require construction and just installs it in either air inlet of the air conditioner indoor or outdoor without turning off the power. Reduce operating time of compressor and reduce power consumption by about 37% at maximum. (Verified by Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
Lighten heat island effect
Domestic air conditioner penetration rate is 91.1%. (According to the April 2018 Cabinet Office) In Tokyo, the temperature rose by about 3 ℃ during the past 100 years. One cause of the heat island effect is exhaust heat from the outdoor unit.
CONTINEWM reduces the operating time of the compressor, so the outdoor unit does not exhaust heat during that time. Therefore, as CONTINEWM gains popularity, it contributes to alleviating the heat island effect.
CO2 reduction
If the compressor stops, CO2 emissions will decrease. We will contribute by reducing the power consumption of the air conditioner at the private level to the mid-term target of Japan's "Paris Agreement" to reduce CO2 emissions by 26% compared to the 2013 level by 2030.

Company Profile

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President Ryuji Sakai
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