FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.Are there several types of CONTINEWM such as size and color?
A.Only one type. Cut with scissors or a cutter according to the size of the dust filter..
Q2.Should CONTINEWM be installed on both indoor and outdoor air conditioners?
A.CONTINEWM is effective just by installing to the indoor unit. The installation is in front of the heat exchanger.
Q3.Can CONTINEWM be installed on a room air conditioner ?
A.Can be installed. Cut into quarters and install between the indoor unit dust filter and heat exchanger. However, it cannot be installed on models with the automatic cleaning function.
Q4.How many years will CONTINEWM last ?
A.CONTINEWM has been improved many times so that it will be effective even if it is not installed to the outdoor unit. Currently, it is installed only in indoor units and is not affected by ultraviolet rays, which are the main cause of deterioration. Therefore, it can be used indoors for about 10 years, but if you find cracks on the surface over time, please purchase a new one. However, this does not apply when the product is used by applying heat or pressure or bending it.
Q5.Is CONTINEWM effective for anything other than air conditioning?
A.We have examples of installation on equipment that uses heat exchangers, such as refrigerators.
Q6.Is CONTINEWM made in Japan?
A.Everything from raw materials to production is made in Japan. Manufactured at a Japanese domestic factory of a listed company that has high level manufacturing and quality control.
Q7.Where can we buy CONTINEWM?
A.Depending on the type and environment of the air conditioner, you may need advice on installation, so we will introduce you dealers.s Please contact us from "Contact form".
Q8.What does CONTINEWM mean?
A.CONTINEWM is a coined word of “continuum” which means continuous connection and “new” which means newness. Incorporating the newest in that era into something that never changes. The former is “immutable(never change in future)” and the latter is “epidemic(popular and fashion)”.