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"Green Embassy"

On May 16, 2018, a video was sent from the French embassy in Thailand to the French embassies around the world. This is an introduction of "Green Embassy" project utilizing CONTINEWM which this embassy is working on.
(This article is posted by permission of the French embassy )

His Excellency Mr. Gilles Garachon, French Embassador in Thailand Speech:

“Good morning everybody,
We are in Thailand, in Bangkok, which is a city extremely hot; it is also a very polluted city, so we must use in the embassy continuously the air conditioning, and in order to make this embassy a green embassy, we decided to make a project, which is a project managed by a Franco – Thai company using a Japanese technology. The company is named TEE, which propose Nets that are installed on the air return of the Air Conditioning system in each room of the embassy and these very special Nets not only make energy saving but also purifies the air.”

Thomas Gal, Founder of TEE Thailand(CONTINEWM ASIA) Speech:

“Good morning,
I am Thomas Gal, founder of TEE (Thailand) and partner of the “Green Embassy”. CONTINEWM® is a revolutionary Japanese green technology, natural and sustainable which allow to save in average 25% of the electricity consumption of the air conditioning and heat pumps systems. We are proud to share the same (moral) values and to contribute to reduce the carbon footprint of the embassy thanks to our solution: CONTINEWM®