Social contributions

Clean Up the World 2018

This year again, CONTINEWM® Asia and Technic Electrical Engineering (Thailand) are proud to be participating to the World cleanup day. Some studies show that, because of human activity in the world, about 100 tons of waste ends up into the oceans every second. Most of these wastes are plastic of course.

There will be soon more plastic than fish in our oceans. We must make a change right here, right now. Let’s make our planet great again and let’s work for a better environment.

A "France" team of some 200 volunteers mobilized through the French Embassy, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Franco-Thai companies like TEE (Thailand) and Amadeus to clean the surrounding areas and the Chao Phraya River. The municipality of Bangkok has made boats available. Two Bangkok universities are involved and are conducting a study on plastic pollution in the oceans. This is why waste collected in biodegradable bags has been categorized, counted and measured by students. We collected in less than 1 hour 266 plastic bags, 148 bottles, 92 goblets, 411 small pieces of plastic and 191 pieces of polystyrene.

This event aims to contribute to the university study on plastic pollution in Thailand and to sensitize the participants to the stakes of this pollution, which constitutes one of the major ecological challenges around the world and particularly in Thailand (6th world rank for plastic pollution).